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location : sheung wan
saleable area : 488 ft²
year : 2017

每一次設計的靈感是來自與客人之間的互動所取得, 正如此家庭一樣, 經過多次傾談後發現他們是非常地注重在客廳位置與小孩子的互動, 所以我們的設計意念是帶出簡約、木感的及北歐家品營造一個溫暖、舒適及潔整的室內空間.

此外, 我們亦嘗試重新定義自然的感覺, 一般做法是以木材質的設計帶出自然感, 但好像還是缺少什麼, 興建一間小木屋更能直接地表達所追求的自然感!
小木屋形狀的圍身在客廳位置, 配合一個人造小天窗來制造更多自然光進入室內的感覺, 整體感覺是十分舒適及平靜的.
而且斜面的屋頂更可以隱藏天花陣, 因為在風水的定義上在陣下活動並不是一個好選擇. 
對於一般的香港家庭, 儲物永遠是一個很大的問題, 當然這個家庭也不例外. 興建大量高身儲物櫃無疑是解決方法之一, 但同時令空間增加壓迫感, 因此我們更建議建設地台位置用於儲物, 而且可以在地台上的位置活動與互動.
全屋的所有傢俬是細緻地定制的及以安全概念打造, 因為小孩的地位永遠是第1呢!

every creative home design is inspire by interact with clients, as going through few discussion, spend time with their little child is an important activity in the family. so we decided to create a minimal design plus the wooden texture and nordic furniture for the new home, to enhance a feeling of warm, comfortable and neat.

we also want to design a new residence that would restore the natural. ways to develop natural emotion is by using the material of timber, but things can be more; building a wooden house inside to enhance the natural directly. 

a house shape frame with wood veneer located in the living area to create warm feeling, a false sky-window are located in a sloping roof which has led lighting inside giving the feeling of nature light through into the home, the space that will be very peaceful and clean, to lead a child to have a best place for gather with their family.
in addition, the one side sloping roof also can hide the cross beam which at the upper left corner that will match with some feng-shu requirement.

storage is always a big concern in some of families in hong kong and this family is no exception. by building height cabinet may solve the issue but it will be losing much of the sense of space, therefore, we would like to purpose platform storage which has a lot of functions and will not effect much of spatial, also, you can play and gather upon the area!

every furniture is custom made with the bespoke design and safety elements, because the child is the king!

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