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location : tai wai
saleable area : 677 ft²
year : 2017

a big family living in this three bedrooms apartment, cozy is a main design concept and we noted a colour good enough in this minimal interior design  - light sage green, to bring the atmosphere of fresh and soft. Also the colour is matching with a beautiful mountain which you can see it out of the window.


You can see a lot of storage which the family in need, upon that we focused at the detail like handle, the balance between solid and void, created the clear line into furniture to spectate the layer, the empty box to make the huge cabinet become softness and interesting. 


and it is fun to mix and match all the furnitures and lightings for the client, first time we used 29 units of wall hooks in a project, they LOVE hooks.

"we are happy with the outcome of this green colour match with the wooden texture, to enhance a soft and peaceful interior space.

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