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home l

location : tai wai
saleable area : 757 ft²
year : 2017

art of structure

this interior focus on space communications between the layers and details, the minimal style with unfinished feeling and concrete finishes. it has enhanced the art of structure, arising the sense of ‘less is more’.

we were asked to redefine the interior design and space in this home by two young artists; their apartment is in 757-square-feet located in hong kong.

they preferred the wooden texture furniture. in our conversations, there were some interesting ‘words’ that inspired us in our design concept and elements: unfinished, nature and consistent.

we reshaped the structure in unfinished style, which presents the feeling of simple and clean, making it look more natural.

what’s more, we created a house-shape wooden frame for zoning the dining area. such infinite nesting house is composed of a few simple wooden strips, separating the domain area while its total space still can be seen.

by looking at what is unique in every project and emphasizing that, mnb design studio transforms non-material values into tactile objects and spaces. we appreciate the natural comes into the space, and the home l is enhancing the minimal structural design and peacability of space, to create the neat feeling as well as the art of structure in an interior space.

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