home p

location : kenswood court 
saleable area : 635 ft² 
year : 2018

light up the black

the stars in the night sky brighten up the area, to give you hope.
we created the light bulbs stars in everywhere, even the pendant light at living area look like a planet, the lights will follow you around the home. 
a black waist-height paint wall to connect the interior from kitchen to master bedroom., to make things consistent, as a whole.
however "black" will become bright in one day, so the black painted wall is curve down at the master bed, where the place to rest for recover your body, let your mind and heart rest for a while, the bright light will star up for you !

design : mnb design studio
construction : mr.lee

black wall balance with the blank wall, and the light bulbs lighting up the black.

a simple pattern across the TV wall to inside.

a classical match with the black. two levels of playing area

detail ; black tile

light bulbs handing around the study desk, can it become the thinking light bulb?

detail ; light bulb

open kitchen plan but zoning by the flooring material.

black is connecting the thing inside master bedroom, but the place for rest is a warm wood texture.

black paint wall just curve down to rest.

detail ; master bedroom storage

detail ; light with black

a master bathroom just hidden in black.

look back to living area

" minimal and spotless"

detail ; tv wall

a waist height black wall paint connecting the area

detail ; kitchen

detail ; the hidden pattern in tile like the space

detail ; light bulbs lighting up the area.