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home r

location : primrose hill
saleable area : 521 ft²
year : 2018

a home design for two kids able to explore everywhere in imagination, the interior is full of up and down level fixtures, some holes located in somewhere for you to find what is behind, to create a “playhome”.


the whole theme of the home r is to create a play time in natural environment like a forest, a ladder going to the top, a random pendants just like the stars on the ceiling, will light up even in the dark, the wooden texture all around the home just like enjoy the camping but in interior.

"a bird house shape of the wardrobe in master bedroom with our hand-drawn wall pattern, a roof top shape and arrange in order to make is like the trunk of tree, enhance the natural and stroke texture.

" with your special moment photo everytime 

" see you at the top side bed !

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