home t

location : tuen mun

saleable area : 255 ft²

year : 2018


a open plan apartment like this being more common in Hong Kong, but it should not be the reason to stop you live better, a brighter place to lead you wake up in every morning with the sunshine, with a good start , good mood.


a one side window for the sunshine come through to the inside, when the bathroom build as a block is blocking the sunlight as well, therefore we design a transparent aquatex glass partition at there, keep everything clean and clear, but not clear to see anything happen in bathroom.


the space around is just four structure concrete wall but we would like to bring the greenery back, created a paint wall in green and with the soft wooden texture, the plants is come from the top or hanging at somewhere, even when you brush your teeth. 

the bed is located in a house-space partition area, you can close the curtain to hide your messy bed?

a part of storage for your everything

the natural light is brighten up the space

the plant just coming down at the top

a bespoke pendant light with soft cushions, have a good sleep

tv area or display area?
tv area or display area?

hello little shelf also cover the existing pipe? lol

cozy bedroom area, it is a calm atmosphere around

diagram ; a minimal type of shapes is creating the detail

" we put few type of shapes in here from a big hole to small handle pattern, a minimal thing is creating the detail, small but with the meaning, things define is depend on the way you think.

a open kitchen is a nice place to cook a nice meal

another side of living area, can you believe the left side is a bathroom?

welcome to the bathroom, take a nice shower

detail is everywhere

detail ; bedroom and plant

detail ; hi little house-shape hole

detail ; wardrobe handle

detail ; make up desk with feeling

detail ; the pattern between back and front

detail ; even the lighting switch is match

detail ; light and shadow of aquatex glass

" a brighter place to lead you wake up in every morning with the sunshine, with a good start , good mood.