home v

location : century gateway

saleable area : 485 ft²

year : 2018


“we would like a minimal and spotless space in our family home.” said by the client. 


beige, the earth tone palette, to create a settle and flat feeling. a colour that is neutral, not warmth or coolness; not undertint or eye catching.  


a conceal cabinet with curve door design near the foyer makes the entrance more welcoming. the cabinet door handles were specially design with the same timber and style, in this home. to enhance the comfy and easy access for storage. 


kids can climb up and down to play around between the platform and kids bed. where in the night, family can gathers and lay down to read bedtime stories. 

touches of white are provided by the loose furnitures like dining table, chair and lighting fan

view from the balcony

with continuous earth tone colour from entrance to living area, which hides a large storage and a door to the kitchen

two levels of playing area

climb up and down to play around



view from the bunk bed


dining area


master bedroom

in master bedroom, we painted the closet and wall beige to enhance more conceal atmosphere




" minimal and spotless"