home w

location : flora plaza

saleable area : 526 ft²

year : 2018


a home for two, where sometimes more. the two seniors enjoying their retirement lifestyle with grandkids..


we created more playing space by taking away a bedroom, and now there is a fun stage for kids to play! we want to achieve a comfort and cozy mood in living area, where the family spends more time in.

they would also like to display their travel trophies everywhere. merging the display collections with tv shelf, which everyone can see it at the center. you will not miss a single moment of the grandchild playtime in the openness home!

openness and comfortable space

display collections around the home

relax tv area . floor tile following the platform's angle

collection wall built in the center of the home

dining space for three generation

timber panel for art and photos

display shelf . 45 degree platform

bright playing area for kids

open pathway to different rooms



detail . hexagon tiles

master bedroom

guest bedroom