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j's resident


location : bel air on the peak 
size : 730 ft²
year : 2016

enjoy in monochrome

the young owner is a playful person, 
he likes music, 
he likes toy, 
he likes monochrome, 

so we play with the line and black area across the home,
then the home will look like a cool guy, also minimal!

we designed the home to have two separate areas - public area and private area but with a little connection, then we create a monochrome colour into the living area, study room with a ONE clear and simple black line go through them, and a whole black and white guest bathroom for the guest use!.

inside the master bedroom, the black line all around the bed and bedside cabinet with the warm tone wooden texture, because we also want to create this private space feeling warm to rest well except only look cool, the master bathroom we let the black disappear, left the wood with grey tile and a relaxing custom made bathtub. enjoy!
the most important thing is - timber mix the black colour way is very minimalist and simple to achieve what is a lots less is more. 

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