m's resident


location : yuen long 
size : 544 ft²
year : 2016
home is where the heart is,

we believe create a comfortable place is not needed big money and luxury items.


two young people just starting their life in this home, after daytime work all they need at home is a peaceful place to relax, a clean and minimal design to led the thing be more less, no any huge and bulky storage to limit the sense of space, as we want to featured on nordic design with the budget control so try to do less of renovation work, we keep the exiting flooring, kitchen, and half part of bathroom.



we need the abundance of natural light come into the home so we broke down all the wall and door we can, except the bathroom and entrance door,



we painted all the wall to white with a unfinished green wall paint in the bedroom, we builded the platform bed and bathroom basin only with all the purchase furniture to completed this project, we don't need a lot "fit-size" furniture or from the top to floor fix out work, all the un-fit one gathered to become a perfect home.


thirdly ,

the decoration become the big boss which directly affect the home style, in addition, slightly more contrast of the material and furniture such as different wooden finishes and cotton.


once again, when a lot less is more.

living area black area across the tv
living area black area across the tv

abundance of natural light into the home

dining area with pendant light

view from dining area

exisitng door matching new design

view from sofa to bedroom

platform bed storage with unfinished wall paint

bedroom with exisitng structure

bedroom lights

living area
living area

tiny timber shelf for accessories

concealed door to bathroom


wasit height concrete wall with build-in mixer, mirror, accessories and storage

exisitng wall and floor tile

existing structure

unfinished wall paint

unfinished wall paint