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the loom pavilion


paris pavilion | the art of peace

2016 competation


we are glad to have an experience to participate the competition of Paris's pavilion from 'archasm' - an international architectural competition organiser. lucky we awarded top 50 in the competition, thanks for the encouragement. 

upon the information and breif of the paris pavilion | the art of peace


the city of paris is rightfully termed as ‘the cultural capital of the world’ because of its rich and diverse ethos and character. it has long dominated the socio-cultural scenario around the globe through intellectual hegemony. paris has been the artistic epicentre of the world since renaissance, inspiring many artists, philosophers, writers and architects to innovate and break the shackles of resistance. the city was home to great revolutionaries like picasso, miro, modigliani, voltaire and corbusier. but one of the most tolerant cities of the world was shook by recent terror attacks that sent shockwaves around the world. the martyrdom of more than a hundred people in the bataclan concert hall and other terror sites was mourned by the religions, countries and communities alike.
the most serious problem of the 21st century besides climate change has been terrorism, aggression and wars in the name of religion, political mileage, energy resources and economic factors like money and drugs etc. millions of people have been brutally murdered and executed all these years, while a signi cant number are still dying every day to satisfy the whims and fancies of fanatic, radical and greedy leaders and organisations. the world is in peril and deep crisis, creating wide rifts and divisions between people, communities and countries. hatred, scepticism, and distrust are on the rise and human race is pitted against each other. people are trapped inside con ict zones, and are brutally sacri ced every day. attacks and con icts in paris, iraq, syria, new york, afghanistan, mumbai, ukraine, madrid, beirut, nigeria, bali etc. have changed and altered the political and cultural landscape in which architects and urbanists operate.
in this situation where the basic civil liberties, freedom and right to live have been taken away from the world, we need to send out a message of goodwill, hope and peace to comfort all those who are suffering. peace and solidarity has to be the rst act of defence against the rising menace of war and terror.

mission statment

the aim of this competition is to design a ‘peace pavilion’ in paris that would exhibit the virtues of hope and tolerance, translated through the language of art and architecture. the pavilion should be a free standing temporary structure that can host a variety of activities and exhibitions. the competition hopes to achieve the following:
stimulate and educate people about the virtues of social and religious harmony.
the pavilion should serve as a place for personal re ection, a thinking place, where the visitors can contemplate and introspect. the structure should re ect and educate the people about the crisis situations around the globe and drive them to come out of their comfort zones and work for world peace. the pavilion should be a space with neither religious nor political ties, where the visitor will have an opportunity to re ect in silence. the pavilion should strive to achieve social harmony and balance, and showcase a utopian world far from the ongoing dystopia.
translate the message of peace through the language of art and architecture.
art and architecture have been a very potent medium to depict and portray social, political and cultural scenarios since ages. art is a broad discourse that encompasses literature, dance, music, painting and numerous other categories. the competition seeks the inclusion of art, in any form, pure or translated, within the pavilion. the participants are free to create their content and function of the pavilion, which could depict situations or events, showcase the horrors and trauma of people and inspire them to stop the menace of terror and promote peace. art could be a permanent part of the pavilion’s architectural concept or used in the functional aspect of the structure independent of the mass.

after our deeper discussion and development in studio, we created the final pavilion design in here; please free feel to understand our project and hope it can influence you too.

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