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store p

location : sai ying pun
saleable area : 663 ft²
year : 2017

our first retail project in hk, luckily is about pets; a pet store.

we focused on the pets instead of human for the design concept, to create a funny, comfortable place for pets. 

we built a huge house in the middle of the store which the outlook just like the company's signature, the house can allow pet run over it and run around and around it, how fun is it ?! 

we do the hand wall-painting at one side of the wall which pattern like the mountain view, would like to create the sense of nature, pets can be free to follow their paw. 

also, a manager of dog will work in there when the shop open, so we created a doggie door for him easier to go into backstage, so the backstage also become a “playstage" for him! 

created a endless circulation over here that the pet will be able to explore all the area, maybe a fun spot at next corner?

"please free feel to visit our design and bring your pet!  :)

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